CMEF Autumn 2016 News

2016-10-25 09:21

 In the silky autumn breeze and under the silver dish-like autumn moon comes the smell of harvest. On October 25, the State Council published Healthy China Outline 2030. After 4 days, the industry turned its attention to Shenzhen, the first mover of China’s reform. And the 76th China International Medical Equipment Fair (Autumn), namely, CMEF Autumn 2016, saw its grand opening in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. On the first day it was an unprecedentedly grand occasion, and the industry was really enthusiastic. This year’s CMEF, themed on Healthy China, Digital Medical Times, was attended by approximately 3000 enterprises from more than 20 countries/regions in the world, including 10 countries (the USA, Germany, Korea, England, France, Italy, etc.). The Fair was held in all the exhibition halls in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, covering 120,000 square meters. Thousands of products in 40 categories covered the whole industry chain of medical equipment. Nearly 600 innovative products and technologies at home and abroad were first launched in the Fair. 120,000 professional visitors from more than 100 countries came together to witness the rapid development of medical industry in the course of healthy China.
Jusha DR released JUSHA DANCER iDR, “the touch screen future series”. At present, Jusha has 7 products in 3 series for customers to choose from. The product lineup covers various market segments to meet different medical institutions’ needs for testing equipment. The product showcased was the double-board lifting frame. It can move freely in the operation space and provide control modes like Click to Position, Auto-tracking and Manual Mode. It can move in different directions to greatly facilitates photographing in different positions. Certainly, the image processing system uses the independently developed control and imaging software to make images clearer and more accurate.
Jusha integrated operating room-JUSHA AVATAR, “creative and unique, simple and natural”. The establishment of Jusha integrated operating room is not merely the buildup of software and hardware, but a set of complete system. At present many hospitals' integrated operating rooms are merely the implementation of software or video broadcast. Our integrated operating room can eventually achieve patient-oriented close-loop digital management to realize real integration by a set of centralized control system and integrating the operating space, operation data, information system, audio and video and closing physical distance.
Jusha integrated radiology reading room-JUSHA ReformeR, “accurate diagnose in every possible way”. The latest integrated radiology reading room solution of Jusha is highly integrated, intelligent and user-friendly medical image diagnosis space set up according to doctors’ actual working environment in hospitals.
Jusha newly released 98-inch merged image consultation center-“image details at your fingertip”. It adopts the most advanced large LCD screen technology, meets DICOM grayscale display function standard, can be used in VIP comprehensive image consultation, tele-medicine, e-teaching center, radiology teaching meetings in image center, digital operation lectures, etc.
Jusha infection control center-“extremely safe and clean”. Aimed at the needs in every area of the disinfection supply center, Jusha also present the Kebeijie® series cleaning agent, medical non-woven fabrics, InCator® sterilization monitoring product to provide total solution for infection control in the supply rooms.
It is particularly worth mentioning that 6 sterilization monitoring products in four categories have gained national patents. It is the only manufacture adopting lead free formula which is safe to both health care personnel and patients. Long-time use of sterilization monitoring products containing lead will harm the health care personnel’s thyroid and urinary system. The Localization Project of Lead Free High-accuracy Medical Sterilization Indicating Products applied in 2015 has gained RMB13 million of government subsidies.
Jusha professional display product customization service-the customization in medical industry. Jusha provides customized professional medical display for Siemens, HOLOGIC, Neusoft, Wandong, KangDa, HUAWEI and other world-class manufactures as a long-term supplier.




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