The Flower Gardens of Radiology--Jusha Medical Monitor Appear in 2017 ECR

2017-03-09 20:06

In March, invited to European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2017, Jusha Medical Monitor departed Nanjing and arrived in European Center of Radiology in Vienna Austria.

Initiated in 1967, European Congress of Radiology is the largest radiology meeting in Europe, one of the famous international meetings recognized by the world's radiology community and a trend-setter of the world's medical industry. Since its march into the international market in 2011, Jusha Medical Monitor attends the event each year. Its arrival has added an element of Eastern medical monitor for the event. The brand Jusha has also gradually been familiar to the world's radiology community.

The eye-catching logo signs of Jusha were hung on both sides of the main entrance to the exhibition hall, which was consistent with the theme of the event this year and represented that Jusha has joined the mainstream queue of ECR. The booth of Jusha was located on the second floor of the exhibition hall, where dozens of professional medical monitors of Jusha were displayed in a line. Jusha-Super84T, like a shining scenery, attracted many professional attendees to observe. The revolutionary imaging diagnosis tool 6M expert-level monitor exclusive for reporting and reviewing has become a star product in the meeting for its perfect "consistency" and CGA patented technology unique to Jusha. Besides, Jusha's professional sense control series such as cleaning agent, sterilization indicator card and indicator label and other products have aroused strong interest among a lot of foreign medical professionals.

On the ECR this year, Jusha Medical Monitor has won unanimous recognition from the world's cutting-edge experts and industries for its independent innovation capacity. On the path of sustainable development, Jusha will continue to work hard for realizing its mission of "helping our clients make achievements worldwide, applying the most advanced scientific technologies to provide convenience for doctors and relieving the pain of patients to the largest extent."

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