JUSHA Medical Made its Debut in Expomed Eurasia

2018-05-11 17:38


The theme of this year’s European Congress of Radiology(ECR) was“ECR meets China”, an idea of design brought forward by JUSHA, with the symbolic golden dragon on a background of the Chinese red. In recent years, radiology has been developing rapidly in China, and radiological products are being upgraded rapidly, which attracts widespread attention from the Europe market.

During the exhibition, numerous experts and dealers stopped at the booth of JUSHA Medical, and they were impressed by the HD recording and playback system and the professional field-emission display. In the fair, JUSHA succeeded not only in introducing the Made-in-China products to customers in Eurasia and other countries around the world, but also in further expanding the export channel.

By attending this fair JUSHA had great success in finding new partners for technology development and trade, and discussing cooperation and joint project. On top of that, we gathered a wide range of information, as well as further understood the trend of medical technology development.

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