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2019-07-10 10:42

Florida is located in the southeastern United States. The import and export of medical products is one of the state’s important economic indicators, and medical product manufacturing is also one of the state’s important industries. As a result, Florida International Medical Expo (FIME) has been held annually in Miami, the industrial and commercial center of Florida, with a history of 22 years. The Expo was named as one of the 50 fastest-growing exhibitions in recent years byU.S. based Trade Show Weeks. In 2007, it has been included in the international procurement program formulated by the American Business Council.

As one of the major exhibitors focusing on medical displays, Jusha Medical showcased its several featured product models in the Expo, including 2M and 3M professional diagnostic displays for CT and MRI, 5M mammography display, as well as 6M Jusha displaydedicatedto report review. With top product quality and excellent display effect, the Jusha booth attracted a large number of visitors.

The display products of Jusha Medical have been sold to 69 countries and regions since the company entered the overseas market in 2011, making its presence in many countries from North America including Canada, the United States and Mexico, Central America including El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama, as well as South America including Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Colombia. We believe this year’s FIME will once again make huge contributions to the further development of Jusha businesses in the Americas.



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