Cooperating with Jusha, Achieving a Win-win Situation

2015-12-07 13:04

 ----- The Conference of Jusha and Partners in America was successfully held in Chicago

After 100 years of development, RSNA, as the largest annual event in medical imaging industry, played a huge role in promoting the development of radiation medicine and has made positive contributions to the cause of human health.

In 2015, RSNA welcomes its grand ceremony of 100 years, Jusha also attended the festival and showed its latest scientific research achievements to make our due contribution and strength to the development of the cause of human health.

During the conference, the conference of Jusha medical and partners in America held successfully on November 29th, 2015 in the United States. A number of partners from North America, South America and Europe gathered together, they listened to the new product introduction of Jusha, shared successful experience and witnessed the developments of Jusha. The meeting was hosted by our market representative in the US and UK respectively. The meeting was divided into four themes: company introduction, product promotion, policies, and international market development, aimed at improving works closely with partners so that we can work together, develop the market, and share the achievements. The partners Attending the meeting have expressed that they are willing to work with Jusha medical, expand and deepen areas of cooperation, and jointly explore the international market.

The conference was held successfully in America. Jusha medical and those partners who truly commit to and struggle for the cause of human health will join hands, to further integrate their respective resources with advantages, to provide customers with better products and services.

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