2014 Hunan Radiology Diagnostic Quality Control Conference

2014-10-25 21:27

 October 22nd- 25th, 2014 Hunan radiology diagnostic quality control conference- the 10 anniversary of the establishment of quality control experience exchange meeting was held in Purui Spring Hotel in Hunan province Changsha City .This conference was hosted by Hunan provincial radio diagnosis quality conference committee.

More than 200 secondary hospital radiology department responsible person and members of Hunan radiology diagnostic quality control committee attended the meeting. All the participants reached to around 600.  In three day-meeting, JUSHA medical  set up a special products exhibition booth, prepared speech and products special lectures carefully to provided a opportunity for the participants. Employees of JUSHA medical used their professional product knowledge to introduce JUSHA medical monitor to the participants and received the approval and positive feedback from the experts. The exhibition scene was crowd surging and bustling.

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