Jusha Medical Strengths into Overseas Markets

2013-11-07 21:40

 November 7, 2013, Jusha Medical gave the overseas expatriates a farewell dinner. Although, Jusha has sale reps in Brazil, Spain, America, Argentina and other countries, but this was the first batch of expatriates in the true sense. The two Jusha people will start their remote to India and Ethiopia, they are Yunkun Kou and Xinyu Huang,(Every Jusha people, please remember these two names).They are not only accept the expatriate work, but also carry the Overseas Dream, the Global Dream of Jusha, they are the forerunner of the overseas business of Jusha.

    During the dinner, the president Mr. Wang reviewed the development process of Jusha. In 1996, Jusha entered the medical display area; in 1998, Jusha achieved an international brand provincial agency; and from 1999 to 2004 Jusha achieved several international brands provincial agency. But in 2004, Jusha thought “what I should do by myself?” The answer was “Do our own brand”; in 2005, the foreign manufacturer was our original equipment manufacturer. In the same year, Jusha began to have own patent technology (JSLIS/JSRIS); in 2007, the self brand shared the 30 percents of the medical display market; in 2008, the share was 48 percents; Jusha began international business in 2011; from the year 2008 to 2013 Jusha did it first in the country brand. “From today, we are not only an national brand but also a global brand. But we must make greater efforts to improve our products quality to enhance our international competitiveness.  The vision can’t short and the products can’t stingy. Also, we will have the long-term strategic vision, to make the products to be excellent without any defect. We will based on domestic and explore the whole world.” Mr. Wang said.

    For the upcoming working challenges, Mr. Wang exhorted the two expatriates to have the character, the courage and the wisdom. For the long overseas life, Mr. Wang also taught them a lot of life little skills by his own experiences to make them better adapt the overseas life.

    Mr. Wang said, “The little step you do today is a big step for Jusha in the internationalization”. ”The experience today will be your pride tomorrow, your special experience today that you can talk it as a fantastic story to your generations when you retired”. In the end, Mr. Wang said, “People should live a meaningful life, and one of that is experiencing something that others are not. Next time, in the alumni association, you are ‘News person’.”

    Otherwise, Mr. Wang emphasized that the person who did not accept the expatriate work to some difficult areas will not be promoted to the sales management position in principle, and sales Manager-level employees must have at least one year's experience overseas deployment .At last, Mr. Wang presented the expatriates two different Chinese gifts which are from two different Chinese brands and both has been became internationally renowned brands, this implied Jusha as a national brand will enter the international stage, and become an internationally renowned brand.

    Let us remember this moment, this is the moment Jusha strengths into overseas market, expanding the global market, Jusha will stand rock-firm in the family of nations.

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