A Charming and Passionate Hiking around Xuanwu Lake

2017-03-09 19:58

--In Celebration of 21st Anniversary of Jusha Medical Monitor

To celebrate the 21st anniversary of Jusha Medical Monitor, create an active and healthy working atmosphere, advocate a healthy and scientific lifestyle, enhance the awareness of exercising and fitness among the employees and strengthening the team cohesiveness, the company launched a hiking trip around Xuanwu Lake with the theme of "A Charming and Passionate Hiking around Xuanwu Lake".

In March, grasses are tall and nightingales are in the air, willows are swinging in the spring breeze. On the morning of March 4, 2017, near three hundred employees of the company in Nanjing posed for a photo at the square of Nanjing International Exhibition Center. Mr. Zong Yinhao, Deputy General Manager of Nanjing Jusha Medical Monitor Co., Ltd., gave a wonderful speech on the 21st anniversary and future development of the company; later, Mr. Chen Yiqing, another Deputy General Manager of the company, declared the start of the "Hiking Trip around Xuanwu Lake".

Employees of Jusha walked in an orderly queue and arrived at the entrance to Xuanwu Lake. They began to compete along the predetermined routine around the lake. The whole routine passed Nanjing Railway Station, Xuanwu Gate, Taiping Gate, which was 10 km. During the activity, the staff of Jusha hiked with powerful and vigorous pace. Wu Chong of Market Management Department, Wu Qingwei of the R&D Center and Yu Xianghua of Suzhou Xielang respectively took the first, second and third place in the hiking activity.

The "Hiking Trip around Xuanwu Lake" activity is low-carbon and environment friendly, advocating keeping fit and getting close to the nature among the staff; meanwhile, in the activity, the staff helped each other and enhanced their relationship and team cohesiveness. In the future, they will devote themselves to work for the grand strategic blueprint of Jusha with higher enthusiasm.

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