JUSHA medical attended the 2017 Russian Radiological Conference

2017-07-05 10:33

Moscow has not officially entered the spring in May, JUSHA medical firstly state it's view on the Eleventh Russian Radiological Conference, bringing infinite vitality to Moscow.

During this exhibition, JUSHA-R190 set for C-arm, JUSHA-M23C and JUSHA-C33C used for X-ray products, JUSHA-M53 for Mammography and endoscopic monitor JUSHA-ES26P were exhibited, attracting a lot of rediologists and leaving an impressive show to the Russia radiologists. The monitor quality and resolution of monitor are full of praise. There are many local large equipment manufacturers are looking for the cooperation opportunities with JUSHA after visiting our booth

Russia is one of the earlist market of JUSHA medical and JUSHA will become the leader of global digital and visualized medical product field through its constant efforts.

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