Transformation and upgrading creating greater glories

2018-02-08 13:27

The Swiss dog receives the spring after sending off the Golden Pheasant. On the afternoon of January 19, 2018, "JUSHA Medical 2017 Final Summary and Commendation Ceremony " was held in Nanjing Shimao Riverside Hilton Hotel.

This Ceremony is divided into three chapters: "Melody JUSHA, enjoying life", the third quarter JUSHA new voice, "transformation and upgrading to create greater glories" JUSHA Medical 2017 final summary and commendation ceremony and the final dinner banquet with lucky drawing.

Since the foundation of JUSHA Medical, under the leadership of Chairman Mr. Wang, we have overcome all difficulties and made sustained efforts, and our performance is booming. Without the efforts of all the staff and the support of leaders at all levels and people from all walks of life, we cannot achieve such an excellent achievement.

All employees watched the video "JUSHA through the whole journey" and witnessed the progress of the company for twenty-two years. In the international market, JUSHA Medical stepped into the global five continents with reliable product quality and perfect after-sale service, and the products have been exported to 60 countries and regions. Afterwards, everyone watched the interview video and listened to the voice of our business partners around the world.

Year passes with the night leaving, new spring comes with the new dawn. There are numbers of new employee growing, and they make extraordinary on their ordinary positions. JUSHA 2017 Annual Summary and Commendation Ceremony was started by Mrs. Bu, the director of human resources and party branch secretary. She awarded those outstanding employees, with a total of seven awards: “2017 Best performance staff ”,“2017 Advanced staff in sales performance ”,“2017 Annual Star”, “Five years staff”, “Ten years staff”, “Fifteen years staff”, and with a total of sixty three people being awarded. JUSHA accomplished a team, heroic and aggressive. Thousands of vessels on rivers are competing for the advancement. Let us work together, and make a better day for a better JUSHA.

Before the evening banquet started, the chairman of JUSHA, Mr. Wang addressed the New Year’s speech. He encouraged everyone to embrace the future challenges with more enthusiasm, and more desire for success. The lucky drawing during the banquet, made one climax after another. With cheering and happiness, JUSHA 2017 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference came to a perfect close.

During the year passed, all JUSHA staff “see” because they “believe”. They draw the gorgeous image on medical equipment development history. When looking back 2017, we are full of passion. When looking into 2018, missions are awaiting us.

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