The 15th Medical Imaging Shandong International Forum Wrappe

2018-06-20 10:11

Sponsored by Editorial Board of Chinese Journal of Radiology, Radiology Branch of Shandong Medical Association, organized by Shandong Society of Medical Imaging, “the 15th Medical Imaging Shandong International Forum and the 24th Shandong Medical Imaging Academic Symposium as well as the Preliminary Meeting of Specialized Committee of Radiology, Association of Medical Exchanges across the Taiwan Straits” was held from April 13, 2018 to April 15, 2018 in Jinan, a Chinese city reputed as “Spring City”.

This Forum invited renowned imaging experts from Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan and so on to give lectures. The disease cases were analyzed and discussed on-site. As one of the major sponsors of the Forum, Jusha Medical provided vigorous support for the Forum. The 84-inch dual-track imaging consultation center demonstrated on the Forum was a spotlight, attracting the attention of many experts and winning their high praises. Meanwhile, experts spoke highly of the remarkable contributions made by Jusha Medical to the industry. Shandong Team expressed their heartfelt thanks to the experts’ recognition and promised that they would maintain their leading role in the field, commit themselves to realizing their mission of facilitating doctor’s practice and maximally alleviating the pain of patients. Meanwhile, the teammates showed their determination to keep in mind their long-term vision of being leader in China’s medical instrumental industry and the global digital visualization field.

Jusha Medical will keep on moving ahead along with development of China’s radiology and make its sustained contributions to the human health undertaking.

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