Jusha Medical Attended Argentinean Exhibition(CADI)

2019-11-07 14:06

The once a year conference of Argentinean diagnosis imaging (CADI) was held again in Buenos Aires Exhibition Center during 22nd- 24th, August.

Jusha Medical was invited by conference sponsor, and attended the exhibition. Jusha Medical, as the only one exhibitor of Chinese medical display, and upon its superior product quality and excellent exhibiting effect, attracted lots of Radiologists to visit its products. At present, Argentinean medical system is still at digital phase. Jusha Medical has provided more choices for solutions of medical display for local medical system.

In addition, the American continent is one of Jusha Medical’s key markets. Jusha Medical endeavors to contribute more medical systems, and promotes the digitalization process of local medical system, accordingly, make more contribution to Human Health.


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