Chinese Power on Rhine River Bank -- Ten-year Engagement between JUSHA and MEDICA

2019-11-28 13:40

The International Hospital & Medical Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter called MEDICA) held in Dusseldorf, Germany is well known as the largest one of its kind. Upon its irreplaceable scale and influence, MEDICA is pioneer of worldwide comprehensive medical fairs. In MEDICA 2019, there were more than participating 4600 enterprises from over 70 countries and regions, with exhibition area above 100,000 m2. During the exhibition, over 200 seminars, lectures, discussions, and demonstrations were held. JUSHA, as China’s medical equipment and materials manufacturer, are always actively participating in worldwide medical undertakings, constantly forge its brand for global medical markets, win and win in the fierce competitive international markets. In MEDICA 2019, JUSHA once again presented the world with amazing “Created in China”.

“Intensive, Intelligent and Humanity” have been always JUSHA’s key words for strategic thinking and products development. The blue mark symbolizes the vigorous development of China’s medical industry. JUSHA upholds the blue mark to constantly contribute the advanced medical display technology and products to the whole world. The 2M, 5M JUSHA professional gray scale display and 3M JUSHA professional color display exhibited in MEDICA 2019 features very high resolution, high brightness, 16bit gray scale (grade 65536), and build-in DICOM standard LUT. So, both the gray scale display and color display are suitable for high-standard clinical diagnosis of PACS, digital breast, CR and DR, etc. The 2M JUSHA special display for endoscopic surgery adopts wide-screen high-definition LCD panel, features accurate color restoration, good sense of hierarchy, smooth dynamic image display, and broad visual scope, satisfies the demand for the rapidly upgraded medical display, and can fully meet the requirements for endoscope display, operating room display, and ICU display. The 8M JUSHA over-sized screen union image consultation center adopts the worldwide most advanced large screen LCD display technology, complies with DICOM gray scale display function standard, establishes JUSHA interactive LCD writing screen solution. The touch-type white board technology can facilitate doctors commenting, writing, and drawing, etc. on the screen. The white board has the advantages of high resolution, durable and stable brightness, permanent image, no geometry distortion, and longer service life.

In addition to the radiation display products series, JUSHA’s sensory control products have provided safe and integral solutions for hospital controlling infection. So, JUSHA assumes the mission and obligation for the lofty cause of human health from its source. The Kobeijie cleaning products series owns unique patent formula technology, can ensure effective cleaning and maintenance of medical equipment. The sterilization packaging products series has provided safeguard for medical equipment disinfection and aseptic packaging. The InCator disinfection monitoring products series features worldwide advanced lead-free formula technology, which is one of the key technologies of JUSHA Medical, filled a blank of medical technology in China, and effectively reduced medical cost for hospitals and patients.

In recent years, JUSHA has increased R&D investment and obtained remarkable achievements in the aspects of medical image cloud platform, operation assistant robot, large-size radiation equipment, sensory control biological monitoring, and interpretation of electronic monitoring, etc. By this Autumn, JUSHA, as the leading medical display manufacturer in the world, has successively participated in the annual MEDICA Dusseldorf for almost ten times.

Standing at the historical juncture of reform, opening up, and setting out again, and facing to the new requirement for urban internationalization construction, JUSHA is striding forward to the lofty mission of “One Belt and One Road” Initiative. In the future, JUSHA Medical will constantly create value for global clients, in the meantime, spare no effort to contribute its unique and valuable products for the lofty cause of human health.


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