JUSHA Rhapsody - Witness the Unlimited Possibilities

2019-12-16 17:31

In the last days of November, Nanjing has its first snowfall of 2019. Snowflakes drift between heaven and earth till the Zijin Mountain is coated in white. The weather is getting cold, announcing the arrival of the northern hemisphere’s winter. However, at McCormick Place in Chicago, people are bustling around for RSNA 2019, the 105 Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, which will take place from December 1 to 6 local time. As the theme “See Possibilities Together “implies, JUSHA is gonna invite you to witness the unlimited possibilities here!

High Pitch: disclosure on the latest release

Look at the South Hall 1339 where JUSHA latest products such as 5M and 12M medical colorful breast diagnosis monitors, 8M endoscopic professional monitor, and the 5M medical monitor are on show. These monitors have taken the practical needs of hospitals and doctors into consideration to provide a comprehensive solution for digital visualized imaging, and based on the profession and user-friendliness, they will create the most comfortable image reading environment to reduce the misdiagnosis rate for tricky diseases and improve the reading efficiency. The highest pitch in JUSHA Rhapsody comes mingling with the shiny blue lights behind it. The music tells of JUSHAers honor:

To help our clients around the world, and use advanced scientific methods to offer more technical convenience for medical workers to relieve the suffering of patients to the greatest extent!

Chord: Comprehensive image monitor solution

For more convenient and intelligent medical diagnosis, and for safer and more efficient surgery. In this exhibition, JUSHA will continue to present its main series 2M and 5M professional gray-scale monitors, 3M professional color monitor, which are featured by super resolution, high brightness and 16bit gray-scale. In addition, the 2M endoscopic surgery monitor adopts wide-screen full HD LCD panel, which can reduce decoloration. The 8M large screen parallel image consultation center adopts the world's most advanced large-screen LCD display design technology to work out the interactive LCD writing screen solution, which has higher resolution, long-term stability of brightness, and permanent image without geometric distortion. Because of them, JUSHA can manage to take over 62.9% of the domestic market, and become the leader and pioneer in manufacturing medical monitors.

Finale: RSNA again

RSNA has gone through 104 years. Though in human history, it is just a blink, in the development of radiology, it has stood long enough. The river of time remembers those radiologists who are brave, loyal to science, never giving up, and keep moving no matter of hardness. For JUSHA, RSNA offers a huge academic exchange platform that we can showcase our latest products and technologies. Along the way, JUSHA has been its participant, witness, and benefiter.

Everything goes quiet in winter but that doesn’t mean they don’t move forward. JUSHA is a blue tint in the warm winter and it always makes efforts to safeguard the front line of the global health care!

At South Hall 1339, please do come and listen JUSHA plays its rhapsody in Chicago.


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