Jusha Medical at 2020 Delhi Imaging Update, India

2020-02-22 21:02

Seizing the last moment of the New Year and following the 2020 ARAB Health exhibition, Jusha is now at the annual DIU exhibition - Delhi Imaging Update 2020, with their unbowed will and pioneering spirit.

This conference has garnered over 300 medical professors from and around the capital of Delhi. They are going deep discussing typical clinical cases and exchanging their experience. And all of them have pointed out the importance of the application of professional imaging tools in diagnosis. We introduce to professionals and scholars our Jusha professional medical monitors in the conference, especially features such as CGA, Spotlight, and Smart-touch, which have intrigued a lot of experts. They keep praising our monitors and this must be proof that Jusha's joint effort has been highly appreciated!

With the popularization of digital imaging in India, their demand for professional imaging tools also rises and Jusha professional medical monitors must be their best choice! Therefore, we firmly believe that Jusha will embrace the best outcome in the huge Indian continent. We Jusha people, taking customers first, will devote our efforts to the Indian imaging sector's development and fight for mankind's health!

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