Warmly celebrate Jusha Medical for winning the honorary title of "Quality Credit AA-level Industrial Enterprise of Jiangsu Province”

2020-04-30 09:12

Recently, Jiangsu Bureau of Market Supervision and Development and Reform Commission of Jiangsu Province issued the list of Quality Credit AAA and AA level Industrial Enterprises of Jiangsu Province 2019, and Jusha Medical was awarded the honorary title of “Quality Credit AA-level industrial Enterprise of Jiangsu Province”.

The evaluation of the quality credit rating of industrial enterprises in Jiangsu Province is based on the "Administrative Measures for the Evaluation of Quality Credit Rating of Industrial Enterprises in Jiangsu Province". With the procedures of voluntary application, data review, site verification, consultation with relevant departments and publicity, it makes comprehensive evaluation of the 4 basic indicators of quality management system of the enterprise, quality assurance ability, basic quality status and quality competitive advantage, and 7 evaluation indexes including leadership to achieve a true, objective and fair comprehensive evaluation of enterprise quality credit rating. This evaluation can objectively reflect the enterprises’ ability in gaining consumer trust in the quality of their products.

In recent years, Jusha has attached great importance to the quality credit management of the enterprise, and kept good credit records and operating conditions. In the future, Jusha will continue to strengthen its own quality credit system, keep improving, and consciously incorporate the concept and method of quality credit into enterprise management, deeply implement the strategy of making success through quality, improve the quality management level, value the quality credit records, focus on technological innovation, and continuously improve the competitiveness and the risk prevention capability of the enterprise to achieve sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise.


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