Real Strength from Virtuality: Virtue Exhibition Shows Jusha’s Strength

2020-12-17 15:30

Affected by the global COVID-19 epidemic, online virtual exhibition has become a general trend of all world exhibitions and fairs in the second half year of 2020. Jusha, as a Chinese manufacturer of medical apparatus, instruments and consumables serving in the international arena, have experienced market tests and customers screening in the intensively competitive global market. It constantly manifests China’s remarkable creating energy for the whole world.

MEDICA & COMPAMED in Dusseldorf in Germany is universally acknowledged as the world’s largest exhibition of hospitals and medical equipment. It ranks the first place of world comprehensive medical trade shows with its irreplaceable scale and influence. At the MEDICA in 2020, more than 1,500 exhibitors from 63 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. More than 100 webinars were held during the conference. 45,000 professional visitors (unique users) from 169 countries/districts used virtual conferences and 405,000 page presentations were generated. International online visitors accounted for 78% of the whole visiting volume. These figures confirm the prominence and dominance of MEDICA and COMPAMED in the medical industry worldwide.

At the virtue exhibition of Virtual MEDICA, Jusha Medical showed corporate video and voice explaining video of sensor control products. Jusha Medical mainly introduced Jusha self-developed CT/MRI high-pressure syringe injection system, Jusha 12MP mammary gland workstation —C1210G, 6MP expert-level audit report workstation—C630G, 2MP/3MP/4MP/5MP displayer with traditional advantages, 42-inch high-definition operation displayer, as well as Jusha infection control series products. These products are wholly developed independently by Jusha Medical. Especially, all products are made with lead-free recipe, which are praised and recognized by distributors and doctors highly.

Through the virtual exhibition chat tools, Jusha Medical communicated with customers from various countries through text and video in real time. During the exhibition, Jusha Medical staff had warm exchanges and discussions on the product functions and display contents. Our products and services enjoyed the customer’s good comment and love.

With the continuous efforts of all the Jusha Medical Staff, as well as the strong scientific research strength, reliable product quality and perfect after-sales service system, Jusha has won more and more praises in the world. Jusha Medical will spare no efforts to make its own unique and valuable contribution to the undertaking of human health!



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