Jusha monitor enters the Boris Medical Clinic in Ukraine

2021-07-23 18:07

Founded in 1996, Dablbutt Medical Center Group has medical partners in Germany, Israel, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Lithuania and other countries, and several branches in Ukraine. It is the first Internet medical institution in Ukraine, which can provide online medical consultation services and offline medical services for patients. It also has 18 independent specialized clinics and a comprehensive clinic, equipped with modern medical equipment and a strong team of medical professionals. Among them, Boris comprehensive medical clinic is the most famous, having 19 research disciplines, 21 treatment rooms and 7 intensive care rooms. Although it always configured medical equipment of European brands, such as Siemens and Wolf etc, Boris comprehensive medical clinic now resorted to Jusha medical display. With its own strength and service, the endoscopic center using Jusha specialized surgical display ES26P become a highlight of Boris comprehensive medical clinic. ES26P 3D noise reduction, wide perspective, wide color domain, color mode and other advantages are widely praised by doctors.


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