“Concentrate Our Minds to Create the Future Together”, The 2021 Supplier Conference of Jusha Medical was successfully held

2021-07-23 18:37

On May 5,2021, Jusha Medical held the 2021 Annual Supplier Conference in Nanjing with the theme of "Concentrate Our Minds to Create the Future Together". More than 100 guests from over 100 partners attended the event, and jointly reviewed the 2020 accompanied by Jusha Medical and national supplier partners and looked forward to the future.

Mr. Wang Wei, the chairman, welcomed suppliers from all fields to the conference and introduced the development strategy of Jusha Medical and some expectations for future cooperation to the participants. As a leading brand advocating digital intelligent medical diagnosis, Jusha Medical has become the undisputed leader in the field of medical displays in China, committed to medical integrated intelligent solutions, and become one of the largest service providers in the efficient management of infection control consumables.

Along with the rapid growth of domestic and foreign markets, the development of medical equipment supply chain has been paid close attention by equipment manufacturers. The national policies intends to promote the construction of intelligent medical equipment supply chain to fulfill the rapid and accurate identification of medical devices in the production, operation and use, thus to improve the efficiency of supervision, strengthen the whole life cycle management of medical devices. Under the global outbreak of COVID-19, in order to conform to the world situation, Jusha Medical ensures a safe and efficient medical device supply chain as the top priority, since in the face of major medical and public health events, the establishment of a safe and agile medical equipment supply chain system is the basis of medical equipment production.

In the post-epidemic era, the equipment supply chain will realize end-to-end visualization, automation and intelligence to improve the security and efficiency of the supply chain. On the basis of ensuring compliance and standardization, the construction of the smart supply chain will become the key means for Jusha Medical to create a competitive advantage.

The past and current achievement as well as the future of Jusha medical are inseparable from the strong support of suppliers, chairman Wamg Wei hopes to accomplish an annual strategic cooperation with more suppliers around the country in the near future in a way of further cooperating and mutually trusting, aiming at win-win goal. Jusha is willing to share resources with strategic customers in the market and develop new technologies with substantial suppliers. Jusha will work with more suppliers to create a mutually beneficial, open and transparent cooperation atmosphere, strengthen the spirit of suppliers, jointly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, thus to create a better future.

The wind surges, when the sail. There is a long way to go, but also more need to ride the whip. Jusha Medical will work together with all suppliers to develop in a more active, healthy, sustainable and steady development state, stay true to its original aspiration, forge ahead, enter a new era, embark on a new journey and create new glory.



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