Jusha sensory control products into the South Korean market

2021-08-30 19:52

Since Jusha Medical entered the overseas market, it has successfully sold to nearly 20 countries and regions around the world with its own high quality and good reputation.Giant shark has also achieved excellent results in South Korea. Located in Seoul, Korea Korea University Medical Center was founded in 1991, as the only primary general hospital in the region, has 1000 + beds, a disinfection supply center that meets international standards. After InCator series of four and five types of card products trial and strict test and evaluation, the hospital appraised Jusha sensory control products as high quality compared to the world-class brands, and decided to expand the cooperation with Jusha in the future.

Since its establishment for 25 years, Jusha has been committed to the struggle of human health cause, having our customers around the world, and showing the Jusha brand and Chinese quality to the world!


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