Jusha new endoscopic monitors debuted in Qatar's top private hospitals

2021-10-19 16:20

The new endoscopic displays including 55-inch, 31-inch, and 27-inch had been successfully sold to one of the top private hospitals in Qatar and paired with high-end endoscopic scopes, which has been highly praised by doctors. The color accuracy of its image, the convenience of operation and appearance quality are full of praise.

The E550AG, is a large 4K endoscopy display with a 4000:1 contrast, standard DICOM and GAMMA curves, and 3D-LUT functionality. It works not only for the endoscopic operating room, but also for DSA surgical images.

Among them, the E310AG is the latest 31-inch 4K60HZ endoscopic monitor, providing ultra-high medical protection, with a wide perspective and up to four pictures at the same time. Humanized design has brought a qualitative leap to the operation convenience of doctors.

The 27-inch FHD endoscopic display E270AG is new released. Equipped with color automatic calibration function, it can perfectly match the vast majority of endoscope devices on the market to meet most of the market demand.

Jusha, keeping the promise of safer and more efficient surgery, has been unremittingly investing in a lot of research and development work in multi-angle perspectives, constantly launching high-quality new products, in order to improve the surgical efficiency of doctors and minimize the pain of patients!



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