Jusha Medical successfully participated in the 51st JPR Exhibition

2021-10-28 17:14

Jusha Medical, with its newly released full series of displays at Transamerica Expo Center (T E C) from September 22-25,2021, not only marks the arrival of spring in South America, but also the first offline show since the global outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020.

Guided by the use environment and habits of South American customers, Jusha focuses on the latest 3MP,5MP and 6MP high-resolution professional diagnostic displays.Among them, the most sensational is the 5MP mamogrphy display, with its high brightness, high gray scale and high contrast functional hotspot, presented the image quality, so thatradiologists and technicians, as well as imaging students at the scene are highly impressed.

The footsteps of Jusha has traveled all over the world, as far away as South America. We still insist on helping our customers around the world, and using advanced technological means to provide more technical convenience for medical workers, so as to maximize the pain of patients!This is the mission of every Jusha man!



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