The 85th CMEF exhibition of Jusha Medical came to a successful conclusion

2021-10-28 17:13

On October 13 to 16, 2021, Jusha appeared in CMEF at booth C02, hall 12 of the international exhibition center, Shenzhen, China, presenting intelligent operating room overall solution, image center image digital visualization overall solution, mobile portable solution, hospital infection control overall solution, intelligent high pressure injection system, as promised, and has become a hot topic of the exhibition.

For example, the overall solution of 4K intelligent operating room, features 4K high resolution images and the no-delay brought by intelligent control terminal and the support of 5G Internet era, greatly improves the efficiency of surgery and gives doctors the ultimate intelligent operation experience.Mobile portable 6MP high-resolution display brings great convenience for the mobile diagnosis of radiologists under the pandemic of Covid-19.

With about 15% of its annual turnover for continuous investment in new product development, Jusha has become the industry leader in this segment of medical display. Jusha people will continue to strive to make medical diagnosis more convenient and intelligent , and surgery safer and more efficient!


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