Digital pathology display

2022-07-31 10:48

As recognized as the "gold standard" for diagnosis, pathology plays a pivotal role in the diagnosis, treatment and even prognosis of diseases.Although after years of information construction, the examination application and report and other information of the pathology department have been connected to the information network of the hospital, the most critical pathological image has not been digitized due to the traditional working mode of using the microscope, so the management and analysis cannot be easily shared and unified among the departments. Now medical pathology display is a substitute for the microscope working mode. The 6MP pathology display independently developed by Jusha has built-in professional pathology curve and unique color correction technology, which meet the high color requirements of pathological diagnosis, enable patients to accept faster and more accurate cancer diagnosis, and open up the final link for the digitalization of pathological clinical diagnosis.

Following the pace of The Times, Jusha people always adhere to innovation, committed to the use of advanced scientific and technological means to provide more technical convenience for medical workers, so as to minimize the pain of patients!


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