A case of Jusha intelligent operating room—— Liuzhou People's Hospital

2022-08-15 17:30

In March 2022, Jusha intelligent operating room entered Liuzhou for the third time and was put into use in the phase II, Liuzhou People's Hospital. The hospital, founded in 1926, is a comprehensive tertiary-class A hospital, integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and rehabilitation. The hospital covers an area of more than 12.67 hectares, with a construction area of 260,000 square meters and 2,550 open beds.

According to the actual situation, the Jusha intelligent operating room comprehensively solves the integration problems of various kinds of equipment and various information systems in the operating room, providing great working flexibility and information freedom for the hospital management personnel and doctors in the department. Firstly the management personnel can timely get hold of the system unit (for example, operating room, radiology, office, the room, conference room, etc.) through the medical channel in their perspective working area to ensure the exchange of different information (e. g., high resolution dynamic image, static images, audio and video signal, etc.) and signal stability and security; Secondly, the internal information of the operating room is interconnected with the hospital HIS / PACS / LIS / RIS and other information systems, which greatly simplifies the clinical process of doctors and improves the efficiency of surgery. Thirdly, the intelligent operating room provides clear, no-delay display pictures, as well as equipment control and live broadcast for the interactive remote surgery and course teaching among the medical community in the local area.