JushaC1210 · Medical image intelligent display shines brilliantly

2022-08-30 11:38

Since its release in 2021, Jusha medical imaging intelligent display—C1210G has entered the UK, Singapore, Greece and other international markets and promoted the global research and development of clinical mammography.

C1210 (12MP) is specially designed for multimodal diagnostic imaging and mammography, suitable for reading any color and gray scale images including mammography, and the single display 31-inch flat design provides greater visual space. Ultra-high brightness backlight greatly improves diagnostic efficiency, and FocusView technology accurately views images by improving the brightness and contrast of specific display areas. QA software provides management services such as regular detection and calibration of the display, combined with the hidden detector and built-in professional DICOM & GAMMA curve and unique color correction technology, to ensure that the whole life cycle of the display can meet the requirements of ACR (American College of Radiology) I breast diagnostic display standards. The "Jusha Smart Core" and Jusha intelligent technology further optimize the workflow, benefiting both radiologists and patients in providing more accurate, efficient and intelligent diagnosis.

keeping up with The Times, Jusha people always adhere to innovation, committed to the use of advanced scientific and technological means to provide more technical convenience for medical staff, and thent to relieve the pain of patients to the greatest extent!


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