A 32-inch 4K Medical Ultra HD endoscopy monitor

2022-09-15 14:46

4K medical endoscopy system technology provides clear surgical vision and vivid picture, thus it improves the accuracy of surgery; meanwhile 4K medical endoscopic display is an important media for presenting surgeries, Jusha launched 32 inch 4K medical ultra high definition endoscope display E320AG, with 4K high resolution, accurate color restore, good color depth and wider visual Angle, which facilitates accurate surgical treatment and helps doctors accurately find lesions as an effective means of disease diagnosis and treatment, thus  the surgical efficiency and success rate are ensured.

In order to be fully compatible with the digital signal interface of mainstream 4K endoscopes on the market and meet the actual customer use needs, E320AG display supports input of DP, DVI, HDMI and SDI, and signal output 1 DVI and 4 SDIs. Its 1350:1 contrast, maximum brightness of 650 cd / m² of panel and fast response time can clearly and smoothly present high resolution surgical video without smearand jitter. At the same time, E320AG display has multi-window mode, including in-painting mode, off-painting mode, up to four pictures displaying at the same time. Moreover, fully fitted protective glass reduces reflectivity and makes cleaning easier.

Jusha Medical is customer-centered, investing about 30% of its annual turnover in research and development, always committed to bringing more technical convenience to medical workers, and continuously striving for the cause of human health.

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