Jusha Medical won the national "the little giant" enterprise title

2022-09-29 16:16

On August 8,2022, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology published the fourth national list of"the little giant" for being a specialized, refined, characteristic and novel small enterprise, and Jusha Medical was successfully selected for its prominence among such vanguard enterprises that focus on market segments, have a very strong innovation ability, have a very high market share, master the core technologies, and have excellent quality and efficiency.

As a global medical technology company, Jusha Medical attaches great importance to new product research and development and technical strength. Independent research and development of high resolution multimodal radiation imaging intelligent display system firstly realized color gray scale adaptive correction, color reduction technology that reached advanced level home and abroad, thus in 2021 was identified as specialized, refined, characteristic and novel products. At the same time,Jusha Medical seizes the market opportunities, and constantly brings forth the new through the old. In recent years, it has increased r & D investment in high-pressure injection system, medical image cloud platform, surgical assisted robot, sensory control biological monitoring, electronic monitoring and interpretation, which all achieved remarkable results.

The event of being selected of Jusha Medical indicates the recognition and support of the market and the government's. Jusha will unswervingly take the innovative road, deeply cultivate the professional medical display market, continue to do research and development and innovation, and contribute to providing more technical convenience for medical workers.

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