Jusha at Medica 2022

2022-11-30 10:07

The Medica exhibition, held every year in Dusseldorf, Germany, known as the "International Hospital and Medical Equipment and Supplies Exhibition", is a world-famous comprehensive medical exhibition, well recognized as a huge hospital and medical equipment exhibition in the world with an irreplaceable scale and influence.

During the four-day exhibition, 200,000 professionals from 100 countries visited. And Jusha, one of the China's excellent top medical equipment manufacturers that is active on the world stage, released its new products in recent years this time: the medical image inteligent display terminal C1210G, senior expert audit display system CP620, high pressure injection system, new automatic human-tracking mobile protective curtain, and the whole series of infection control products including cleaning, sterilization packaging.

Jusha has its own brand reputation and unique products, on top of which the team gave professional explanation with patience, therefore Jusha was praised for many times and attracted countless visitors to stop and watch. It became really a highlight of the exhibition.

Staying true to the original aspiration, the Jusha people will continue to strive for a more convenient and intelligent medical diagnosis and for a safer and more efficient surgery with unremitting efforts!

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